Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Media Assessment

As I have already completed a GCSE in Media, I had a rough idea of what to expect but I did not realize how big the jump was from GCSE to AS. I thought there would be a larger amount of work and slightly more complex projects to complete, however, my perceptions have changed as I have noticed a similarity between GCSE and AS with the project of producing a website. I think my written work has gone well because as I have experienced 3 years of Media already, I know what I need to write in my assessments and what the examiners would like to see. At the moment I have a good understanding of everything we have gone through, for example, TV Drama, analyzing websites and how to put my work onto blogger to keep it safe and accessible for the examiners to read.

The ‘Casino Royale’ DVD has shown me how films use sounds effects to cause tension, emotion and impact in their film and how important sound is to create the film. I did not particularly understand ‘Gone Fishing’ as I have only seen it once, and I did not find it interesting, however, if I saw it again I think I would appreciate it more and have a clearer understanding.

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