Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?
The particular group in which my website would represent is the youth of today as most of them are experimenting with drugs, the most popular one being cannabis. The layout is simple and colourful which shows the audience it is made for a young audience who are either experimenting with drugs to warn them of the effects or to warn people before they have tried the drugs to hopefully change their minds about going in that direction. However, it is aimed at all classes of people because all social classes are using drugs whether they are rich, poor, living on an estate or in a mansion. The aspects of my website that show this are; the bright colours, the simple layout and the small pieces of text which include all the information the audience needs to know about the drugs. This is because, the bright colours make the website fun and interesting without too much information to put the audience off from reading the information my website contains. The style of written language is more informal than formal as young adults are most likely to skim through long pieces of information, whereas my website contains short pieces of information, which is put into as little writing as possible so the audience can gain the information quickly and easily without getting bored with the content.

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