Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Question 4

Who Would the Audience be for your Media Product?
The construction of my site will attract a young audience between the ages of 16 – late 20’s because they are the people who are most likely to experience smoking cannabis or taking others drugs. My survey also proves that mainly people between this age group have more experience with drugs as it is easy to access and people of this age usually take drugs socially. My websites layout will also attract my audience because it’s simple, colourful and the pages have the information spread out clearly. The written language on my site also appeals to a young audience because it is brief but it contains the information they want to know. The background on my website is pale, so that it is calm and so my text and images stand out on the page.
The design of my website will also attract my audience because it is plain but interesting, with videos, rollovers, images and a reasonable font size and text. The positioning of images and text on my website are clear and simple, so the audience can locate pages on my website easily, with the information they need clearly on the page.

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