Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?
The way in which I have attracted my audience is mostly by my layout, the design of my website and the small pieces of useful information. The language is quite informal as the pieces of information are in short paragraphs, so the reader has a good idea of what the drug is and is not put off by a large piece of writing which they would not even bother reading. The layout is simple and colourful, with links to the pages on my homepage and on every alphabet’s page there is a list of links at the bottom to locate them to another letter of their choice.

My website also has stories from people who have experienced going through an addiction, people who have experienced watching someone live off their addiction and the effects which occurred from the constant drug abuse. The layouts of the A-Z pages are all the s
ame with pictures on every page, which will draw the audience’s attention as the pages are bright and attractive with enough information to make the audience aware of the effects but not too much so they do not get bored. I hope my audience will appreciate my website, enjoy spending their time on it and think of it as a useful source. I also hope they think of my website as a reliable and important charity, so they will donate to people who are in these types of situation to help them lead a better life.

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