Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Question 6

What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
The things I have learnt will be very helpful for me in the future as I have widened my knowledge on popular programs and on an Apple Mac computer. Things I have learnt are:

iWeb: This was the program in which I constructed my website on even though I had no experience in using it, however, it was easy for me to adapt to as the methods I was using were repetitive and the toolbars were easy to use. I also had no experience with Apple Mac computers so this was a whole new system for me to get used to, which I picked up quickly and became comfortable with using it.

Photoshop/Photographs: I had very little knowledge on Photoshop, but I knew a lot more then I did for any other program I used during this project. Some photos I took were ta
ken by the school camera as it is the best way to get a good picture, however, some of my photos were taken by a simple mobile phone which were still a good enough quality for my website. On Photoshop I learnt how to use the red-eye detector and how to change the background of my pictures to match the background. This is an asset to my website as it makes the quality look much better, making my website look professional and organised.
This photograph is eye-catching as there is a luminous coloured grinder which would catch the audiences attention, and it also has a joint and two baggies which are some of the main instruments people need to smoke cannabis. The positioning of each object makes them clearly stand out against each other, with help from the dark background to make it easy for people to see what the picture is symbolizing.

Design: During the process of constructing my website I also learnt that one of the main factors of a good website is the layout as it is one of the main things which attracts the audience. To make sure I was doing this to my best ability, I had to change my layout to make sure it looked organised and fun without being too busy. Also, I had to make sure the layout suited my target audience; otherwise I would not be able to get through to my audience which means they would not donate to my charity.

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