Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Question 7

What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
From looking back at my preliminary task, I think I have a wider knowledge on a variety of different software which made my full project a lot better then my school website. I was also more comfortable with making my drug help website as it was more interesting than a school website, which encouraged me to design my website to a better standard and to put more time and effort into making my website appeal to my audience. As both the websites were aimed at different things, the designs of the websites were completely different compared to each other. This is because they are both aiming at different types of people and are trying to appeal to their audience in a different way, for example, the school website had to have formal written language as is it trying to attract parents and their children to want to come to the school. On the other hand, the drug website is a charity which is aimed at young people who are experimenting with drugs and want to come out of their addictions. These differences are shown in the written language, the layout and the colours.

I have developed my skills hugely since the preliminary website as I had time and practice to get used to the software and learn how to use them to make my website a functional website which looked as professional as I could make it. I also studied more websites which were similar to mine to show me different ways in which I could attract my audience and how to get across to them in my written language. However, during the construction of my website and looking at the final piece I can see it must be a lot harder for professionals to make sure their websites are good enough to publish with high-quality pictures, videos and a fully-functional website that will please their audience.

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